personal sessions

If you want to “KonMari” your home and need someone to teach you and guide you through the whole process, I am here to help! We will discuss about your time availability, your expectations and the size of where you live and then, choose the best plan. Each session must be of a minimum of 3 hours. For whole packages and additional info, please do contact me at


Workshops and presentations

I am available to make workshops and presentations to groups of people, institutions, companies and commercial activities. “The life-changing magic of tidying up” will transform you physically and emotionally. The most important part is to be willing to learn!

Presentations usually lasts 90 minutes and are the perfect solution for those that do not know the KonMari™ method and want to get some familiarity to it. I will teach you the 6 fundamental rules and also show to fold items in the KonMari way. Number of attendees is unlimited!

Workshops instead, are to get a deeper understanding about KonMari™ method and last at least 3 hours. Participants acquire basic knowledge, so they can tidy up by themselves at home. Includes KonMari folding demonstration and teaching aids. 10 participants maximum.

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Online/on-the-phone support session

Maybe you already read “The life-changing magic of tidying” and for some reason, you have not finished tidying yet, or you are half way in the process and need someone to advice if you are on the right path. I can provide you an online support (on Skype Jennifer SpaceTherapy) and on-the-phone support session for 30-40 minutes and give you my best KonMari™ method tips to transform your spaces and your life.

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gift cards

The “KonMari™ method” is a life changing experience for sure. Surprise that special person with a gift card!

For further information, you may contact me through the contact form.