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Although I spent almost all my free time tidying and organizing, I was one of those people who thought I did not need to learn how to tidy up.

I discovered Marie Kondo and her tidying methodology almost by chance. I have read her books and have also applied the KonMari™ method in my home. I am very optimistic about this because I believe it can effectively improve the lives of people, helping them to remove what does not work.

Living in a space where you only have the things that spark joy, can make you have more time for yourself and thus attain more peace of mind.

The KonMari™ method fascinated me immediately and convinced me to attend the first European seminar given by Marie Kondo in London in April 2018.

I am a certified consultant since January 2019, first KonMari™ Consultant in Tessin, Switzerland and also, first consultant from Chile, my motherland.

Jennifer Smith